What should I expect when getting a tattoo?
After you finish your paper work, you will have the opportunity to relax and walk around before your tattoo begins. Preparation will begin by cleaning the skin with rubbing alcohol and removing hair with a disposable razor. Depending on the design a stencil may then be applied or the artist will free hand the design with a marker on the skin. These markings aid in the overall process of tattooing. At this point the artist will prepare the machine; relax and take deep breaths, your skin will get used to the feeling and the pain will subside. Depending on the size and detail of your tattoo will determine the time required for the tattoo. If your tattoo is a time consuming one, remember to ask your artist to let you take a quick break. Walk around, eat a snack, drink some water, use the restroom, or stretching. When the tattoo is finished, it needs to be treated like a wound. An aftercare instruction sheet will be given to you before you leave to better care for your new piece of art.
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Honestly, its not the most pleasant feeling, tattooing is a painful process. Pigment is being placed under the first epidermal layer of skin. But people usually come back for a second one so the pain must not be that bad.
Can I bring my own design?
Yes, creativity is encouraged and your tattoo should be something you will enjoy. Please give an idea of a design to the artist and a consultation of the design will be scheduled.
Can you fix my old tattoo?
Old tattoos can be easily reworked into fresh art. Looking to cover up an old tattoo? That can be accomplished as well, it depends on your old tattoo design and the new design you are wanting.

Arcadia Tattoo Tips:
⦁ Arcadia Tattoo of Huntsville is CASH only. Please make sure before your appointment you come prepare with the appropriate amount of cash.
⦁ Please DO NOT consume alcohol the night before, this will not be beneficial to you and your time while getting tattooed
⦁ Get a good nights rest! Sleep will help greatly during the tattoo process, you will feel rested and comfortable.
⦁ Arcadia Tattoo Huntsville is located at Campus 805 on Clinton Ave. When you arrive at Campus 805, you may enter through the front entrance (the circle drive under the brick covering) then walk up the stairs in the center to the second floor, turn left and we are located a few doors down on the left. You may also enter through Straight to Ale, go through their main entrance, go to your left pass the bar and turn left up the ramp then right to the stairs, up to the second floor, turn right and we are right after the restrooms on your right.
⦁ It is reccomended you bring a snack, the reason being that sometimes blood sugar may get low, especially if you have a long session you may get hungry and the sugar from a snack may help.
⦁ Drink lots of WATER
RELAX! The process of getting a tattoo is exciting and exhausting, the results after are lifelong piece of art you will enjoy.